My Top 5 Strengths Are Restorative Competition, Strategic, Achiever And Futuristic

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While taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0 I found myself enjoying the experience and realizing that my top 5 strengths are restorative, competition, strategic, achiever and futuristic. Regarding the test format, I felt as if the way the questions were set up were effective. This means that the test was able to fully understand where I was positioned on a certain question. While answering, I noticed that I only answered on one extreme or another on a couple of times. Most of the time I was either neutral or one away from neutral on either side. I do not know if that is significant or if it was just my decision to not be so decisive. Either way, I was overall happy with my top five strengths that were determined through the test.
Another reason I enjoyed taking the test was because that I knew that determining my strengths could be valuable to my life. When the presenter came in and said that it is not an easy thing to determine your strengths, I completely agreed with that. I find it extremely difficult to know what I am good at. Like she said, everyone is good at something, but determining that for me is hard. That may be another reason why it is hard for me to choose a career path because I am unsure of my strengths. After taking the StrengthsFinder, I know have a better ideas and am able to follow those same paths and explore my strengths even greater. In the future, it may be also worthwhile to figure out my weaknesses. Again I have some idea but would really like to…

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