My Time As A Veterinary Technician Essay

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My time as a Veterinary Technician taught me many things. From how to draw shots to how to take x-rays. One of the most common lessons I learned was how to spay a female canine. Although the Veterinarian is the only one allowed to be “hands-in” during surgery, I learned a lot from watching the procedure.

Surgery preparations begin the day before. The patient in question is dropped off and spends the night. Vet Techs are busy cleaning and “cooking” surgical tools and cutting drapes. Also, Techs are to make sure all other supplies are stocked and ready for the coming morning. Early the next morning, a Tech will take the patient outside in hopes that the patient will empty their bladder. The Vet then draws the sedation shot and injects the patient. It normally takes around five minutes for it to kick in depending on the size of the animal. After animal is sedated, Vet and Vet Tech transport the animal to the surgery table where they will insert a breathing tube and where the hair in the incision area is to be shaved off. After shaving, the animal is holstered to the table and the incision area is cleaned thoroughly. As soon as cleaning is done, everyone in the surgery room (usually just the Vet and one Tech) must wash their hands and glove themselves. The Veterinarian is the only person who may open the tool pack, stitches pack, scalpel, and the gauze. Now it is time for surgery. The Vet makes an incision between the breasts of the canine. This incision is usually about six…

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