My Three Cultures By Gust A. Yep Essay

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My Three Cultures by Gust A. Yep is a short story about a child learning about their multicultural explains that she has learnt three different languages by the time she attented college. “I learned to speak Chinese first, mainly to communicate with my grandmother, a traditional Chinese woman…I then learned to speak Spanish in Peru, where we lived until I finished high school…I started learning English when I came to the United States to attend college (60).” She continues her narration with explaining what identity is. “Identity is a person conception of self within a particular social, geographical, cultural, and political context (61).” She continues to explain that people like her can have multiple indentities based off of race, gender,occupactional, socioeconomic status etc. which is also known as interconnected cultural identities. Farther into the reading, she defines cultural identity. “Cultural deintity can be characterized as political construction that gives the individual an ontological status ( asens of being) and expectations for social behavior (ways of acting) (61).” She explains that cultural identity is political, fluid, and nonsummative. The political aspect of cultural identity questions “everybody else,” the identification to the dominant group, takes on a natural appearance, remains unnamed and unquestioned, and therefore disguses and hides power relations between the oppressor and the oppressed. Secondly, cultural identity is fluid. Ones cultural…

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