My Thoughts On My Life Essay

782 Words Nov 18th, 2015 4 Pages
I, myself, suffered with suicidal thoughts for a long time. I thought there was no need for me to be on this earth anymore. My existence was pointless in my mind. I would smile and make sure those around me were satisfied, but inside I was crying for help. I wanted to be great at everything; however, I wasn’t. Teachers and my family would set me on a pedal stool and glorify all my accomplishments. After a while that pressure becomes overwhelming. I wanted to be a normal teenager. This is when my depression went into over drive. I constantly thought about ways to take my own life. Some like to say I just wanted attention, but they do not understand how depression sneaks up on you while you’re smiling and tell you are not worth living anymore. I would talk about how I was depressed, but people would brush me off thinking it was a phase. Fortunately, that all changed due to help, prayer and a lot of hugs. Now, I am more comfortable than ever before and speak openly about my struggles with others. People need to know someone cares and wants to hear their story. We just need to be reminded. There should be no shame in expressing your battles. Apparently I am not the only one that suffered with the same issues. According to The New York Times, Kathryn DeWitt is an excellent student and athlete. She ran track and took eight Advanced Placement tests. Everyone had high expectations for her success. Her mother regularly checked her grades and test scores to make sure they did not…

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