My Thoughts On My Life Essay example

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Introduction While thinking about my identities and ways to describe myself, I refer back to my “I Am From” poem. In my poem I listed all the things that first came to mind about my life and myself. I talked about the small town I am from, Sunday rituals, family life, high school, and relationships. All of these things have shaped me and made me the person I am today. I am a born and raised southern, Christian, white female. I am from a small town where everyone is pretty much related and always knows your business. My parents, who are still happily married today, were Homecoming King and Queen of the same school I, too, was Homecoming Queen of and graduated from. I was in class with children of adults my parents were also in class with during their years. Growing up I was very privileged. Due to the small town connections, everyone knew my parents, and that I came from a good family.
I attended Dorchester Academy, a small, private, Christian school, from K4 to 12th grade. When I started school I had a class size of 35, but by graduation there were only 20 students. I watched the school population go from 500 students to 240 by the time I graduated. Although, our school has struggled it still seems to stand tall and impact the lives of other children as well as mine. Dorchester Academy was privately funded through tuition, and while anyone could attend, the school was predominantly white. Through my years at Dorchester Academy I only witnessed three African…

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