Gym Benefits

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A behavior that I want to increase in my life is going to the gym and working out. I want to get to the point where is does not feel forceful to make myself go and workout. It will be an enjoyable and something that I look forward to doing. The gym promotes a living a positive healthy lifestyle. Some benefits of exercising include better health, better moods and attitudes, increased lifetime expectancy, and most importantly a better appearance and higher self confidence level. My short term goals are to do a minimum of 150 pushups and 300 sit-ups a night as well as running 1.5 to 3 miles at least three times a week. Not only will this build general strength and endurance, but it not be as much of a hassle to be in the mood to go workout because it will be a consistent thing. Long term goals will include increasing the weight that I can lift in bench press, squats, and the number of pulls ups that I can complete in three sets. I will go to the gym at least 5 times a week and my …show more content…
If I follow my new plan and exercise at least 2 and a half hours four times a week I will be rewarded with a small bag a skittle for that day or given the option to double swipe at the place of my choice for dinner on the weekend. This is enough to receive pleasure from going to work out and is motivation to go the next time. This snack and extra is small and infrequent enough to where it will not hinder my progress in living a healthier life. If I fail to abide by the plan that I have set then my electronic privileges, such as my cell phone, laptop, TV, and gaming console, will be taken away after 9pm. This will motivate me to do my work out so I will avoid losing participating in certain activities that I enjoy in my free time. For the contingencies of my plan if I do not follow through with it the next day I will not permit myself to listen to any

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