My Study At Metcalf Laboratory School Essay

2041 Words Nov 5th, 2016 9 Pages
For my shadow study, I observed a student from 8-12 at Metcalf Laboratory School. This student had short brown hair, was wearing a gray sweatshirt, and was smaller than his peers. The first class that the student attended was Health, and since the class was still relatively new due to it being a new quarter, he seemed to be adjusting well. At the beginning of class, the student was attentive, and as I was paying attention, I noticed that he enjoyed talking to his peer who sat next to him. The other thing that I noticed was that he sat in the front and was paying attention to the teacher during class time compared to his peers who were not as attentive to the teacher. When the pledge of allegiance was going on, I noticed that he did stand and did remain respectful. While I was observing my student during the pledge, I noticed that one of the other students did not put his hand on his heart. After the pledge of allegiance concluded, I noticed that, although my student was paying attention, he managed to drift off for a short while to look at another student. After he did that, he was smiling and had a positive attitude. A few minutes later, he yawned, and that could have been due to either being tired due to being the first class in the morning, or it could have been due to not having a particular interest in the subject at hand. I also noticed that he had athletic clothing on which made sense to me due to the student being a male who seemed to be athletic. Later, he…

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