My Speech On Speech Disorders Essay

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All my life, I’ve always wondered, why? Why do I stammer? Is it something wrong with me? I know that I was born that way because unlike many people, stammering didn’t only occur when I was stressed or in an unconformable situation. I stuttered every time I tried to speak. No matter how hard I tried to control my speech flow, I couldn’t help it. It was natural. My relatives tried to help me, to cure me fof my speech disorder but they failed. They didn’t have patience with me. They believed that I was the one to blame for my speech disfluency. My parents told me that I should try hard not to stammer, I should put more efforts into avoiding stammering when I speak. I wish it was so easy. Slowly, I started to believe them, blaming myself for that until I came to college; until I took my first psychology class; until I learned more about speech disorders.
I found out that the science behind stammering was very complex. Indeed, the origin of my stammering is my brain: but which area of the brain causes stammering? Is my brain wired differently? Are some parts of my brain damaged? Those are the questions I’ve been asking myself since I discovered the truth. For this paper, I wanted to research how the brain of someone suffering from stammering worked and which areas of the brain are responsible for stuttering.

Research perspectives

- Ontogenetic Explanation: The ontogenetic explanation describes the development of behaviors based on biological changes during the lifespan of an…

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