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My Son the Fanatic Hanif Kureishi, born 1954, is known for his many movies, plays, novels and short stories. In 2008 he was selected, by The Times, as one of the 50 best British writers since 1945. In this essay I will discuss the relationship between father and son in the story “My Son the Fanatic”. We are in London, present time, where Parvez, a Pakistani immigrant, works as a taxi driver to earn money for his family consisting of his wife and son Ali. A lot of hard work and a lot of

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The relationship between Ali and Parvez gets very tense and does not seem to have a strong foundation. The more you read of the story the more cracks appear in this foundation. Ali hurts his own father physically on every imaginable place in Parvez’s mind. This is also why the story ends as it does. Parvez has fought a long irritating battle with himself about what to do. He gets so frustrated that he lets his anger take over and do what it wants to do with Ali. Parvez has found himself in a very hard situation concerning his son. He has done everything he could to make Ali happy with giving him things that many other kids are not so lucky to have. Parvez gets nothing back but hatred and criticism from Ali. Parvez finds him self lost and makes Ali get what he deserves with punishment. Parvez turns him self into the worst animal on earth and reliefs him self with hitting his own son to the floor. This just shows how bad a situation Parvez has been in, that to be relieved you has to hit your own. Then you can discuss about it is fair or not. Personally I think Ali deserves that and maybe even more, because there is no appreciation from Ali at all, which is what makes Parvez to what he becomes at the end. Because he feels betrayed not
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