Essay on My Sleep Latency Time Frame

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Before immersing myself as a student in the world of sleep, I had always believed that I had a great sleeping pattern. In fact, all of my peers found it amusing how much I loved to sleep, to the point where they said I slept all the time. However, the way that I see it is that I am a 20 year old who goes to a tough school academically, plays a 24/7 sport of basketball for the University, works on campus, and finds time to be social. As one should realize, I am a busy man on a rigorous schedule, therefore, in order to not just get by, but instead to be an achiever, I need my sleep. So before taking all of these tests and monitoring my sleeping pattern, I knew that every night I usually got over 8 hours of sleep depending on what day it is was. Also, I thought that I had a small sleep latency time frame, I hardly every woke up even though my roommates would say I woke them up from my occasional snoring, I assumed basketball and alcohol were both ways that could positively influence my sleep (separately of course), and that looking at my phone before I went to bed did no harm. Therefore, it is safe to say that prior to gaining knowledge about sleep and the importance of a sleep/wake pattern, I was an ignorant kid who thought he had it all figured out. In order to understand my sleep in a non-biased manner, the sets of the two-week sleep diary really opened my eyes. From a quick glance, the section of the diary that stands out is the amount of sleep I am getting. As I said…

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