My Reflection On My Educational Journey Essay

765 Words Mar 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Reflective Essay
This course is the finale of my studies to obtain my associates degree. I have completed several courses that involved formal writing and I feel this class was the ideal conclusion to the first part of my educational journey. As I reflected on the past eight weeks, I would describe this Cornerstone Seminar as very educational and a little bit overwhelming. I have attached my digital portfolio which contains six documents from the discussion board and assignments throughout this course.
This is my first class using discussion boards and at first I was intimidated by the idea of conversing with my classmates. As I reflect on it now, I believe I learned more from reading my classmates essays and by reading the comments from them than I realized. Each time I submitted my weekly discussion, I would submit with caution for fear of submitting it incorrectly. After reading the comments of my classmates in the last week, I have discovered that we all were intimidated with this form of interactive learning.
My favorite assignments were those regarding Gladwell’s claims. These are added to my digital profile because as I reviewed them again, I realized that I have changed my point of view on several of them. Without realizing it I have improved my critical thinking skills since first completing these assignments. I can now review them from different angles and can see his claims with a different point of view. I look so forward to reading his books with more…

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