My Public Policy Proposal For Child Health Promotion And Child Development

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My public policy proposal focus on active play in school or physical activity for child health promotion and child development. Active play in school and physical activity help with the rising problem of obesity and the health problems associated with it among children. I have chosen to use the articles listed in this bibliography, because it explain how physical activity effect body weight and different ways to increase physical activity among children. Each articles have a different solution to the problem, which is to increase physical activity among children and illustrate the impact it has. This bibliography cover studies on children from preschool to high school. These articles covers what can be done in school during recess and physical education and after school. Some of the finding in the article overlap with other article in the bibliography, which shows the consistence of the findings. Also all of the article used a prospective study except the last one used a cross-sectional study. Most of all these articles indirectly showed what policy work and what wouldn’t and the areas where policies where need to be created. These are the reason why I have chosen to use the articles listed in the bibliography.
1. Russell and al argue that obesity rate have increased among children of all ages and reason behind it is due to decreased physical activity. The association for sports and physical education released a guideline for preschoolers in relation to physical activity.…

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