My Professional Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Professional Philosophy of Education
The position in education I would like to have would be an elementary school librarian in the public school system. Working in the public school system will allow me to work with a more rounded group of students. After some investigation about the position of a librarian in a public school, most people believe it is a job to which is becoming extinct. According to Karen Bromley (2011) in Learning About the Endangered Librarian, librarian positions are being cut because of shrinking budgets and saving tax dollars. Even though the post is falling by the wayside, it is still critical to the educational system. A librarian should have many qualities, including compassion, flexibility, creative, patient, available, passion of reading, works well with others, excellent communicator, strong technological skills, and have a knowledge of books.
I feel being a librarian is a good fit for me because I love the students, the books, and everything in between. I like being around them, finding out what they like to read and what interests them the most. Being a librarian is where I am supposed to be, and collaborating with the teachers is a must. I want to be available when they need my help. I enjoy working with the computers and helping students with all their technological questions. Flexibility is necessary because you never know when something is going to happen in the library that is entirely unplanned. Data entry of material is a…

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