Statement Of Purpose: Biomedical Engineering

1. Describe your prior research experience, including duration, level of independence, and methods employed. How has your research experience prepared you for graduate studies in biomedical engineering?

(maximum 50 lines, 12 pt font) “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, a quote written on top of my table in lab, is one of the elements that drive my commitment to my goals. This has always inspired me to work towards achieving the goals I set and define the research experiences I had at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Having specialized in biochemistry, I grew and developed a unique zeal and anxiety to deeply understand the nature of protein and its molecular composition. My interest in biochemistry lead me to join
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For instance, after transferring to UCLA, I had the opportunity to talk to immigrant students and families at a meeting at my High School. In the meeting, I had the chance to share my experiences as an immigrant, respond to students and their families questions, and provide information on how to obtain higher education. I believe lack of information about scientific research progress is the main obstacle, which causes a disconnect between the scientific community and public. In the past three years, I have tried to broaden the dissemination of science to public by tutoring science courses, training and teaching undergraduate and high school students on lab techniques and scientintific topics, and help students to join research laboratories. While it is often possible to overlook the essence of the studies that one carries out, my focus and interest in research have been aroused the experienced I have had and the insights I have acquired for my future career. I am planning to broaden my knowledge in field of biomedical engineering by obtaining a PhD in order to be able to serve the community as a scientist. I will holds the same values as I have had as an undergraduate researcher to share my knowledge, connect with people, and ignite interest in public for science. Being the only member in my family to aim for obtaining graduate studies, I am humbled to take part in dissemination of science in public to serve my profession and community in future, by conducting research and teaching at college or university

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