My Philosophy At Beijing Foreign Studies University ( Bfsu ) Essay example

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I grew up in a democratic family and I am grateful to have open-minded parents who have always encouraged me to follow my dreams and allowed me to be independent, responsible and to take my own decisions. The reason that I major in journalism at Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is that I have wanted to become a journalist, since I was little. When I was in primary school, our teacher asked us to watch Xinwen Lianbo, or News Broadcast, the most influential daily news program produced by CCTV in China. Moreover, we had to note down two pieces of news that interested us as homework. Since then, watching and reading the news have been part of my daily life. And I am a very persistent person; my passion for journalism has never diminished just as I have been enthusiastic about exercise for the past years. For example, I go swimming every week when I started it around five years old. Also, I keep going to the gym and running two miles every day.
Since my childhood I have been in touch with journalism. Both of my parents work in government, they often share their thoughts and opinions on some political news and social issues with each other at home. Because of being influenced by them at a very young age, I gradually acquired an interest in a wide variety of news topics and subsequently learned to access news by using various news platforms. More importantly, the experience of learning from a friend of my father’s, a veteran TV anchor and journalist in my hometown,…

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