My Personality Type Is A Good Person, Coworker, And Leader Essay

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After taking Jung’s Typology test I was able to identify my personality type. According to Jung and Briggs-Myers I found that my personality type is ‘ENTJ’. As we move forward I will explain how the letter combination pertains to the notion of what I feel make sense, along with some other similarities and differences on the letter combination. Additionally I will uncover what I have learned after reading the online text. Furthermore, I will talk about the two letter temperament that I learned about myself and how to communicate effectively to others. Lastly, I will review how I to best utilize the teachings from the personality test to become a better person, coworker, and leader. Needs Work

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E – Extrovert I am an extrovert now but when I was younger I was certainly an introvert. As the years went on I assumed the roles of a natural leader as everyone, including myself, taking the lead of situations and resolving issues for the overall good of the collective. As Kroger, Thuessen and Rutledge describe in “Type talk at work”, about the example they gave about extroverts being able to walk into a room and give a presentation, ask for an opinion, and come to my on conclusion, thank everyone, then walk out, is spot on (Kroeger, 2002). Good
Additionally the book also provides a enlightening information by explaining that extroverts outnumber introverts by three to one (Kroeger, 2002). Also that in school extroverts always had an advantage since…

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