My Personality Type I Recognized Essay example

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There are so many different personalities in the world, and it would be extremely boring if we all acted the same. “Every society and social group has values, experiences, and understandings that are widely shaped among members but may not be endorsed by those outside of the culture or group” (Wood, 2016, p.54). This is your personal identity, which is how you choose to live your life and what you stand for. Your identity can be shared closely with other people. However, your personality is uniquely your own, this is the way you have decided to represent your identity (Hontoy, 2015). I learned that I am an ESTJ type, extravert (19%), sensing (12%), thinking (1%), and judging (44%). Some of the concepts that I have read about my personality type I recognized in myself and some opened my eyes to new views about myself (Humanmetrics, 2016).
I have a preference of Extraversion over Introversion (19%) which means I direct my energy to the outside world. This makes sense to me because I am the type of person that would do anything for anyone else first before myself. I am a paramedic and I love helping people even if it takes me away from my family at times, I can’t sit back and not help when people are in need (Humanmetrics, 2016).
Sensing over intuition, which means that I believe what I can see, I use my experiences from the outside world. This is accurate for me because I am a more do what I know works kind of person and not a try something to see if it works kind of girl.…

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