My Personal Worldview And Spiritual Value And Beliefs Essay

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Personal Worldviews
Throughout this paper, this writer will attempt to give insight to her personal worldview and spiritual value and beliefs. Worldview is how one looks at the world and surroundings, providing the lens to see life around us. According to Wiher, 2014, worldview is the basis of culture, personality, and religion and is like the BIOS that formats the workings of a computer. The seven basic worldview questions of John Sire will be addressed along with spirituality, pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism to help understand the worldview concept.
Spirituality, Pluralism, Scientism, and Postmodernism
Spiritual, as defined by Merriam-Webster, relates to a person’s spirit or to religion or religious beliefs. Spirit is the inner nature of a person or what gives the person life, power, and energy. Spirituality is usually a person’s involvement with God but is becoming a more defined beyond religion. As people, different beliefs and values can be very individualized, there is some type of spirituality within all of us. Spirituality has different meanings to different people. For some people they are involved in an organized religion, whereas others are more private and personal practicing their beliefs privately or through reflection. This writer believes there is a greater power or God that is more than science or beyond explanation, however, some scientific findings have shown some traditional religious beliefs are substantiated with researched facts…

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