Essay on My Personal Statement On Identity

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My reaction to the subject of identity helped me to fully understand it. After reading the text book todays lesson and my personal experiences I fully realize how important identity has been in my life.

In the class activity and lecture, I was fully able to understand the concept of identity. I found that with the photo you asked us to pick out and the group conversation, I understood identity and how we develop identity. My photo was a picture of me and my sister at her high school graduation, with me standing next to her in my awkward phase. This photo made me realize my identity has majorly changed since then. With the questions you asked us to answer about this photo I realized that I had major jump in identity since then. The first question asking if I felt I had similarities to me now and me in the photo made me feel as if I had no similarities. It 's likely there are similarities still, but I felt as if my personality, appearance, and style developed greatly since then. When asked about differences, I felt like I did with the similarities, that there were no similarities and but a large about of differences. When I looked at this photo it made me feel embarrassed that I was that awkward, especially because I refused to smile. During the time when this photo was taken, the main person that influenced my self-esteem and self-image was my sister. At the end of this exercise, I fully realized the identity change from the photo to now. The main factor that changed this…

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