My Educational Philosophy Statement Report

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I believe that education is an individual, unique experience for every student who enters a classroom. I think that teachers must understand the importance of being a teacher, its very important that teachers consider teaching to be a lifestyle. This profession helps a lot the students, and their minds, and students and parents trust their education to them. I think that teachers must facilitate learning and growth academically, personally and ethically, its very important that every teacher provide an equal education for each individual in the classroom, and that every teacher equips children with the tools necessary for success in life.

My educational philosophy is going to be very different, first of all I will establish
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We have to remember that the student pass half of his time in school, its like their second home. As a future teacher I will demonstrate enthusiasm and I will express confidence with the students, I will do projects, discussions between the students, this will help the student and achieve their goals. When I was doing my fieldwork I saw many things and irregularities things that I don’t think its right. My idea is to become an art teacher, only for special aid kids, something that I observed in my fieldwork is that the teacher did not show enthusiasm when she was teaching that class, some of the students needed help to do their projects, some of them were asking a lot of questions, and I could see on her face that she was a kind of stress, one of my goals is to get more focus in those kids, the special aid education its very important, for example according to the reading Disabilities Studies in Education: the need of a plurality of perspectives on education by Susan Baglieri, there are many purposes of special education, we have to understand the special education as a change, and the individuals through performance enhancing interventions, also there are many studies that believe that special aid education prepares students to …show more content…
I want the students to love the way I teach them, I want them to be more involved with the work I will give them, to always have the motivation to do it, I always feel that students can never learn too much, and that every day is filled with new experiences to live and learn by, and that’s what they are going to get in my classroom, a lot of learning. May be some students will not love art, or may be some will think that is not necessary for their learning but I will change their minds. Another important thing is to try to involve parents into the students education, parents are an important ingredient to their education, parents who are not involve in their children’s education will impede all the efforts made by the teachers and the students. Its very important that students attend to school everyday, and when the students is at home that the parent ask them How was school? Did you learn anything?, like this parents will demonstrate that they are very interested in their children education.

In conclusion, I think that everyone has the right to be educated. As teachers I will be responsible for putting all my effort to educate all my children. Becoming a teacher will give me the opportunity to give positive values and discipline for all of my students.

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