Essay on My Personal Philosophy Of My Educational Philosophy

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As we’ve studied the different types of educational philosophies in class, I’ve been able to see which category my beliefs fall into and where that puts me in the teaching world. Throughout my educational career, my family and teachers have shaped my philosophy into a combination of both romanticism and progressivism. As a teacher I want to be able to help a student strive for self-fulfillment while focusing on individual student’s learning processes. Based on my ideals, I want for my classroom to be a place where my students can go to learn in a way that suits their personality, and in a non-pressured environment. I want to be able to engage my students and challenge them to learn based on their interests. Through many personal experiences in my educational career both in the classroom and my personal life, as well as different historical figures throughout history, I have been able to develop my personal educational philosophy. My personal beliefs lead me to the conclusion that my educational philosophy matches a mix of both progressivism and romanticism. While researching the different types of philosophies to determine which one I considered to match my beliefs closest, I came to the conclusion that both progressivism and romanticism both have different aspects that I agree with. In the book, its stated that romantics believe that “the purpose of education is self fulfillment-that is, education must help the students develop physically, intellectually, socially and…

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