Essay on My Personal Experience With Gaming

1422 Words Nov 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Video gaming, what was once a niche hobby generally only enjoyed and played by people who were seen as geeks has had a radical popularity. In 2016, the games industry has managed to become worth billions of dollars, the games themselves have become more mature and have appealed to wider audiences and communities of millions of people have formed around specific games. My personal experience with gaming comes from my time playing World of Warcraft, a massively multiplayer online role playing game where anyone can create a character and work alongside others to achieve goals like killing certain monsters. What makes World of Warcraft unique is that rather than playing through a story on your own, a large part of the game includes interaction with other people. Players will usually form communities as guilds, work as traders on auction houses and complete quests together. This interaction is what makes it a good candidate to analyze from a sociological perspective. In my experience, there is a severe tendency for players, most of whom are cis males, to bully players who differ from what they see as normal. It is commonplace for women to pretend that they are men while playing in order to avoid harassment. Video gaming is a subculture that is very unique. A subculture is typically defined as a set of distinctive values, norms, and practices within a larger culture. An inherent part of video gaming is that people are hidden away behind screens, this barrier between them and…

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