Essay on My Personal Experience At The Millennial Generation

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, so that it is not something that is impossible to earn and something that is not just handed out. The millennial generation is always handed a participation award for everything they do. Therefore, the award has no meaning and no worth to it. From my personal experience I played a lot of sports growing up and I would always start in every sport or worked my hardest to get the starting spot. Although, at the end of the year I would get the same award as everyone else who showed up to play. The reward had no meaning and no worth and most players would not pick their trophies up because it did not mean anything to them. There were a lot of players who would get tired of receiving the same award as the people on the team who did not try and would quit. If trophies or rewards do not have any value to them, then they are just another piece of metal setting on the shelf. In general, the millennial generation was hindered more so by the participation trophies. The person who came up with the idea of participation awards had good intentions, but the effects of the awards have degraded the generation more than it has benefited. It is causing people to become depressed, lazy, and entitled. Generation y is not being correctly prepared for the real world and instead growing up in a fairy tale where everyone gets a slap on the back and no one is a failure. However, generation y is hardworking and very motivated and will be able to kick the dreaded participation award. Colin Powell…

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