Essay on My Personal Application Analysis

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Introduction I have chosen an experience to study for my personal application analysis that involves a board position on which I currently serve. The action involved a search process for the organization that I was asked to lead. I failed to fully understand the context and readiness of the employees as I tried to instill a cultural change. The communication methods I used were not sufficient as well. I will use Leigh Thompson’s text to breakdown this situation including Kotter’s 8 steps of change management (Thompson 210) as well as elements of the Social-Constructionist Communication Model (Thompson 58) and more specifically Grice’s communication maxims (Thompson 59).
Concrete Experience Roscoe Village, a restored Ohio and Erie Canal Town dating to the 1830s, is one of Ohio’s premier cultural heritage attractions drawing over 250,000 visitors per year to take the living history tour, enjoy the beautiful gardens and experience the unique, privately owned shopping and dining establishments located in the Village. It is operated by the Roscoe Village Foundation, a 501(c)3 private operating foundation, of which I am a board member and treasurer. Roscoe Village has had a challenging operational history including a series of unsuccessful directors and inefficiency of operations. Employees never felt like they were an appreciated resource for information and a culture had developed of ‘us versus them’ through these challenging years. As a part of revisioning its future,…

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