My Passion For Chemistry

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My goal is to attain a career where I can express my passion for chemistry, as well as expand my mind in ways that I could never do in any other field. I am very passionate about chemistry, and I want to not only excel, but be extraordinary in the field. After graduation, I will attend a graduate program in which I will pursue a Ph. D. in Pharmacology. During my graduate years of study, I am interested in cancer treatment research. . The well-known treatment of Chemotherapy for cancer can be considered poisonous. It can be toxic because although it destroys the cancerous cells, it also destroys the healthy cells, causing patients to feel ill, have loss of hair, and other harsh side effects. I am specifically interested in finding safer drugs for cancer patients. Through the completion of more research, it can be possible to detect and kill the cancerous cells while nearly eliminating harmful side effects. In my efforts to research graduate programs, I have identified three individuals that I am hoping to work with. In given the opportunity to join the program at North Carolina State University, I’d like to work with Dr. Robert Smart. Dr. Smart’s research involves targeting the pathways …show more content…
The purpose of the project is to find the effect of Iron (III) have with respect to neurodegenerative diseases. In order to find the calculations, the other researchers will use the Austin Model 1. We will use software such as ChemDraw and Chem3D in order to model the binding of amino acids and the metal ion. Previously, there has been testing completed using aluminum (III) and zinc (II), therefore this will add to the collection of tested more metal ions. The research that will be completed will undoubtedly lead to finding effective drug treatment for the neurodegenerative

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