Essay on My Parents Never Gave Me Siblings

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My parents never gave me siblings, however, that does not mean that I grew up in a lonely house, that I celebrated my birthdays with no laughs around me, and that I never had somebody to listen to my dreams, my sorrows, and my yearnings.
Destiny itself decided to never give me a sister—well, a biological sister to be more specific. But as I grew up in my grandma’s big house, where there were more rooms than people living in it, I shared it the space with another person, my cousin, whose name it is too terribly complicated to write onto paper. I am aware of my ambiguity here, so I will explain further. Her real name is Katherine, but the way such name it is pronounced in Spanish is of her utter distaste and distain. So, she has changed it to multiple versions, such as, Katherin, Catherin, Kathe, Kathy, Katy, Kattica. Let me just refer to her here as Kathe.
Kathe is the person I can count on for every trouble that I happen to have. She is liberal, I seek for advices in her and she does in me, and she is undoubtedly my sister. I even think that we both have better sibling relationship than real siblings do. Sure, we did quarrel when we were little, but that is old history. The many letters, hours on the phone, drinking alcoholic beverages (do not alarm—Colombia’s legal drinking age is eighteen), the Skype conversations. Despite the fact that she lives in Colombia, and I have my part of my life in the U.S., she still holds a very especial place in my heart for me to pick up the…

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