My Parent As A Helicopter Parent Essay examples

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Protecting you from things that you believe to not be a threat, reading your texts, tracking your location, not allowing you to do something purely because you got a low grade on an assignment, and taking your phone to look through everything. I’m sure your parents have done at least one of these things in recent years. You probably see them as annoyances— as did I— but there is a bigger picture behind this. All of the things I just listed are what can classify your parent as a helicopter parent. A helicopter parent hovers over their child through their day to day activities and can become increasingly strict or protective through the years. Parents can track their children’s movements using new devices that have been created. Some of these parents even continue this into the child’s professional life. Trust and respect is key in parental relationships and diving into a child’s life without their knowing can harm the relationship. Helicopter parents are harmful to their children through the restrictions they place on their activities and the invasions of their children’s privacy. Children of helicopter parents are harmed by not being allowed to learn through the failures of their decisions. Many people learn by making mistakes. Parents restricting their children’s actions can make it so that the children never make the unimportant mistakes of their own that can teach them how to deal with failure (Griffin). Doctor Peter Gray, a phycologist at Boston college, says that from…

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