My Papa And The Sins Of A Father Essay

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This paper is about the two poems “My Papa Waltz” and the “Sins of a Father” These poems show the love between two different fathers towards their children.. We have different loves in our life. The love of our parents, grandparents, friends, partner husband or wife and lastly the love for our children. The love for our children is difficult to understand from the point of view of the children. In the poem “My Papa 's Waltz” states about the waltz of a parent with his son. The parent was so happy carrying his son in the waltz, However, the son wasn 't happy, he was afraid to waltz with his father. In the poem “Sins of a father” talks about the frustration of a father when her daughter come to home crying from school. The father felt helpless see his daughter crying. For the entertainment to others classmates? These loves are similar. However different to contrast. I recognized the comparison of each love and the unlikeness of each parent. One child was afraid and dizzy, the other child was indefensible and fragile. Children always going to need their parents love and care. The love that these experiment parents is genuine. Love is a big connection between parents and children. This love is faultless, no matter what happens always the love of parents persevere in any circumstance of life. The parents in the poems, “My Papa 's Waltz” and “Sin of a Father” express their love in different ways towards their children. The children are young and adults don 't always…

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