My Own Moral Perspective On The Best Interest Of My Family And I

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I never really thought to deeply into my own moral perspective before taking this class. I have always tried to do things that are in the best interest of my family and I. So when we first talked about the different types of moral perspectives I identified myself as a moral subjectivist. Something that is always said where I’m from is “get it how you live”. This simply means do whatever you have to do to survive. Forget consequences, don’t worry about how your actions impact others, and only focus on how to can improve and protect your own situation/ interests. To an extent this is how I actually began to live my life. Regardless of what anyone was doing, I was going to make sure I got mine. I’ve stolen countless things without remorse, and was actually heralded by friends because of it. It was called a come up, the American dream right? I loved to make something out of nothing when I was young. The older I get, the more I realize that what I was doing was wrong. I was a complete subjective relativist growing up because if you were to tell what I was doing was wrong I wouldn’t listen. I felt like because I needed money, stealing was ok and I was completely justified. The problem with being a moral subjectivist is that you can justify anything you that is clearly morally wrong.
Some might feel as if that would be more of a positive, but without a basic guideline of right and wrong the world would be in chaos. People would justifiably kill, steal, and destroy anything in…

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