My Original Understanding Of Atheism Essay

715 Words Nov 11th, 2014 3 Pages
My original understanding of Atheism focused on several distinctions that I felt acted to characterize basic differences between an atheist and theist. Of these particularities, I honed in upon experiencing life without a God figure present, as well as the importance of being fully aware in the environments we inhabit for the sake of forgoing the jurisdiction of a supreme being. An attempt was made to emphasize this approach by asking the reader to understand that we as individuals exist in a reality of our own creating, as such we exercise our free will within the confines of a reality that is built upon ideas, experiences, knowledge, method, and a drive to discover. Essentially - the need for God is unfounded in this age now that we have gone beyond the clouds.
As the class evolved, I found my initial approach to be unsophisticated, though not necessarily “wrong”. A 386 processor in a cloud server world, one might say – functional, but certainly not up to par. What I thought may have been a “different” approach (implying that experience, and being in the moment was in a way to “know” God) was really not that unique at all. I have learned that merely saying you do not believe in God is not particularly clear or completely thorough. There must a total rejection of the God idea, not only in our minds, but also how we interact with a theist society. This would include any social constructs that uphold a “God” like ideology. Meaning, if you are truly an Atheist, then you…

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