Essay My Organization 's Policies And Practices

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Having a much better understanding process about my organization’s policies and practices

regarding promoting employees I have come to the conclusion and comparisons that promoting

from within can be one of the greatest management tools available to all organization, it has its

pros and cons. While it benefits employee productivity and morale, it can also be disastrous when the

wrong candidates are promoted and when promoting is done without a strong training program in

place. By identifying the right skills in good workers and by giving those workers the right

training and tools to make them successful once they are promoted, organization can ensure that

their operations remain strong, stable, and prosperous. Regardless of whether organizations look

to within or hire or externally, having the right staff in the right positions is an important

component in the foundation of any successful organization.

Organizations that understand the true value of professional development, culture, innovation

and creativity also recognizes the value of continuously educating their employee base. These

organizations are the ones that will be better positioned to adapt to the rapidly changing demands

of today’s work environment. Incorporating professional development within the overall

corporate strategy, with so many competing interests and tight budgets, is the challenge.

Many organizations have survived by…

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