My New Culture : A New Language, Learning New Manners And New Things

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When we immigrated to another country we adopt a new culture, because we are learning new manners and new things. Being bicultural in the U.S had influenced in who l am, by giving me new opportunities, showing me a new culture, and by teaching me a new language. Being bicultural have affected how I relate to other people, because now lm more confident to talk to other people from other cultures, and countries. I feel relate to some of the situations that people have experienced in the articles that l read because, like some of the people in the article lm an immigrant, lm adopting a new culture, lm learning a new language and l have two different nationalities. The most three important things that have influenced in who lm by being bicultural are the language, the opportunities that U.S have offered to me, and the culture that l have adopted.

The language is the way to express ourselves. Being bicultural in the U.S have influenced my language by making it bilingual with two languages, Spanish that is my first language, and English that now is my second language. It has influenced in who lm because, by being bilingual lm available to spoke two languages, to know new people, a new culture. Also lm available to study and be a professional, and to relate to other people who speak both languages. At first it was hard to learn a new language, but…

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