My Family: A Comparative Analysis

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It comes to no surprise that families have changed in many aspects from when our parents were growing up, to when we were growing up. For instance, growing up in the forties was far different than growing up in the seventies. There were different rules in families and different roles that each person in the family took. This essay will compare two generations of families: my mom’s family when she was of high school age and my family when I was of high school age. My mom was born to Martina Ruiz, who was 22 years old and Jose Wilfredo Cisneros who was 26 years old. My grandmother had twelve children, and out of those twelve children only nine were born at the time my mom was of high school age. My mom’s family consisted of Sergio Cisneros who was 16, my mom-Maria who was 14, Nicholas Cisneros who was 11, Jose Cisneros who was 9, Alejandro Cisneros who was 8, Jesus Cisneros who was …show more content…
In my mother’s family, my mom became like a second mother to her siblings. Since she was the second oldest, and the first girl she had to do what was expected of a woman to do. She stayed at home and helped her mom take care of the children, clean, and cook. The older males, except for Sergio because he had become paralyzed from the waste down at the age of 7, in her family had to go outside and help their dad with the crops. The men in her family had more of the authority, especially since my grandfather was a machista. Similarly, the women in my family also did most of the cooking, and cleaning around the house. My older sister Nancy helped my mom clean and cook, and my sister Diocelina would also help my mom. However, I also had to help my sisters with chores around the house. Being a male in my family didn’t give me a type of “immunity” from helping my mom and sisters, like it had for my mother’s brothers. Both my mother and father have said that cleaning/ helping around the house has no

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