My Mother 's Side Of The Family Essay

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My mom’s side of the family has always been at constant war. The fighting between her parents stopped only when her father died, and from childhood she can distinctly remember tension and strife between her sisters and mother. Broken relationships that were never made solid continued into her adulthood and surfaced from time to time. In my short lifetime on this earth, I don’t think there was a period of time longer than a year where all three sisters and their mother all spoke to one another. Usually so-and-so cut off so-and-so because of bitter feelings and resentment that were born from the smallest of actions. The most extensive and prominent cut-off was initiated by my Aunt Audrey and started around 2003, lasting until present day. Although the reason behind her contempt was more reasonable than some other petty squabbles, it deeply hurt my Nana and continues to hurt both my mother and my Aunt Nancy. I know very little about the actual circumstances surrounding Audrey’s decision, but have seen the impacts of it well enough.
This backstory is something that I feel is slightly necessary in order to understand the dynamic of my mom’s family, and how it relates to the recent loss of my Nana.
My Nana smoked for the greater part of her 83 years and tanned the rest. She was a travel agent by occupation and had that insatiable desire to go places and consequentially, lay in the sun. Sunscreen was not widely used during that time, thus her skin became damaged. Mary Lee was her…

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