My Mother 's Second Pregnancy Essay

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As children we all have vague memories; some unable to distinguish from real or a dream you once had. Regardless of how much I remember or what I choose to remember, it still happened. The beginning of 1995, my parents recently married with two sons, josh about to turn 2 and Scott about to enter high school. By the end of the year my family would move back to New Mexico for the delivery of their baby girl. During my mother’s second pregnancy she was experiencing some complications. Worried, my family moved back to their hometown of Alamogordo, NM with the support of my mom’s parents and their fellowship. A month before my delivery my mom was hospitalized. She stayed hospitalized till my birth on November 18, 1995. The doctors kept an eye on my mom but as a family they started to put behind the scare from the complications the pregnancy brought. Sometime that December my mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. I remember her illness in a constructed way of events to help better understand a time period where my memory was too selective. The beginning of my childhood I remember my mother being sick and trying to understand why she was so sick. As my mother received treatment my father worked on his law degree and working to pay for his kids and medical bills. After receiving multiple chemo injections my mother’s cancer spread even more. The memory of her lying on her bed with only her legs showing. I sat next to her trying to provide any comfort I could.…

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