My Mother Never Worked By Bonnie Smith Yackel Essay

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Analysis Essay: My Mother Never Worked

The main idea in the essay My Mother Never Worked by Bonnie Smith-Yackel is that society/the system is designed in a way that discards or disregards housewives ' hard work. The purpose of this essay to relay the life of the writer 's mother so that readers can realize how hard a housewife really works, as opposed to the stereotypical belittlement that comes with being a housewife. The author effectively uses dialogue, flashbacks and irony to convey how women, especially housewives great efforts are disregarded.

Bonnie Smith-Yackel effectively uses dialogue to highlight that housewives hard work is belittled or not realized by the system, or better yet said, by society. The essay starts with a dialogue between the the author and an employee from social security. The use of dialogue gives the readers the exact words that were spoken, so the reader 's logical appeal is moved, creating a better sense of belief since the exact words from the primary source are being conveyed to them. The opening dialogue mentions that the social security worker sounds very self-assured and confident about her responses, while the writer stutters and drags her answers, as if she was unsure of how to answer. In the last paragraph, which is a continuation of this conversation after the flashback, Bonnie Smith-Yackel 's use of dialogue reaches it 's full effectiveness. The social security employee finds the records of the writer 's mother. She gives the…

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