My Mother Has Changed My Life Essay

1340 Words Apr 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout my life, there have been so many influential people who have greatly impacted my life, but the one person who has influenced the most change in my life is my mom. Her love for her family has moved me to be a better person towards my family, and has helped me become a better person for them. She has also inspired me be the better version of myself and has helped me understand that the most influential of people are those who never stop trying to be better people.

My mom was born in Vietnam, but one of the things that I enjoy most about her is hearing her stories about her life when she lived there. From her experiences growing up in this country, my mom has always taught me the importance of humbleness and simplicity because Vietnam is a country where there was a lack of resources, sanitation and modernization. Before the war in Vietnam, my mom always talked about the fun adventures she had living on a farm, and all of the friends that she made there. When it comes to third world countries, many people have gotten used to the low standards of living, but I admire how she has never once complained about her living situation. I’m always in awe of how humble and grateful she is for everything in life, and how she never takes anything for granted. Even today, my mom tells me these stories so that I can learn to be more grateful for what I have now, and learn how to overcome obstacles that hinder my ability to live out my life.

Years later, when she and her family…

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