My Mother And My Grandmother Essay

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It took my mother and I twelve years to come to this city, to Miami. We left Cuba when I was only eight years old. My mother had found a way for us to leave our home to join my grandmother, who was back then, living in Montreal, Qc, Canada. It was great for a while, the three of us together again. Until the day my grandmother couldn’t take it anymore, she was not legal, she had no papers at all. My grandmother left us again. She heard of some people who could get her to Miami without having to present papers, and she left.

It was only my mother and I. I went to school, then high school, then college, had a normal student life while working part time in a restaurant/bar called “Le Balthazar”. My mother had a good job at a car dealership, AutosPB, and it allowed us to travel to see my grandmother every year. As time went by, we missed important events in our family because we were too far: my first little cousin was born, my grandmother became american citizen, my great grandfather died, just to say a few. We lived in Montreal for twelve years. It took us twelve years to realize we were in the wrong country. That’s when we sat down and scheduled our moving, one of the most exciting evenings we had in a long time. We scheduled a truck to come pick up all our furniture, our clothes, everything we owned. We knew it was real when the truck left and we knew we could’t change our minds.

My cousin Etienne, who was already living in Miami for four years, took the first plane…

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