My Most Dangerous Game

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The next morning, he looked out the window and saw the remains of the general and felt a twinge of guilt, but it quickly faded away. He went to the bathroom and just stared at himself in the mirror for an extensive “should I have handled the situation differently?” he asked himself. He didn’t know how else he could have done though. He realized that he was very hungry and decided he would wander down the dark staircase to see if he could find any food to satisfy. Once he finally found the kitchen in the lonely mansion, he walked in and there was a dark figure in the back by the stove and he could smell the sweet aroma of pancakes. He cleared his throat and took a few steps toward the man. Startled, the man turned “General Zaroff! Oh, Mr. Rainsford where is the general?” the fellow questioned. “The general is sleeping and probably will not wake for a long while” he …show more content…
He could hardly understand a one of them.
“Who are… happening… why… I thought!” they shouted.
“Everyone quiet!” Rainsford exclaimed. “I am here to set you free. My name is Rainsford and I won The Most Dangerous Game against the general and he is recently deceased. I will need some of your assistance to get us off of this trap of an island.”
He and all of the people he rescued walked down to the shore to see if they could see any near islands. When the reached the edge they saw something abnormal sticking partially out of the dark sea before them. They went over to inspect it and they say that it was an old boat that washed up to shore. They decided they would use this to take people in shifts to the island ahead. Which is where he was supposed to be going with Whitney.
He had shipped everyone off and it had taken quite a toll of time. Finally all that was left to go was him and a little boy named, Marshal.
Marshal looked up at Rainsford with a tear in his eye and said, “what about the people that brought us water? Are they coming

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