Narrative Essay On Prenatal Care

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When I was fifteen years old, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was tremendously young, so I was extremely scared and nervous. I was so unsure of what to do, or think at the time. Which I think most girls at that age in that predicament would feel the way I did. I knew I couldn 't possibly give her up, but I didn 't know how I would ever be able to care for her on my own. I made the decision to keep her. Which was the best decision I have ever made. My parents were immensely supportive of my choice to keep her. After I made the decision, it was then time to get the proper prenatal care. It took my mom and I awhile to find a good doctor, but when we did I was thrilled to have someone I could trust. Through majority of my pregnancy …show more content…
That was until I was visiting my daughters dad I was hit with tremendous pain in my left side. I was rushed back home so my parents could take me to the emergency room. As I sat in the labor and delivery triage bed, I began to worry about what was wrong with me and if my baby was okay. I was only in my seventh month so my baby wasn 't fully developed yet, I knew if she was delivered early she would likely not survive. I just laid there in excruciating pain just praying everything would turn out to be okay. Finally after about an hour my doctor comes in and orders an X ray, blood work and an ultrasound to be done. Thirty minutes later my doctor was back with the results. He informed me that all my results came back normal, but that he wanted to admit me to monitor my baby and …show more content…
When I was in the operating room as soon as my baby was delivered my doctor held her up over the curtain and said "It 's a girl"! I was so ecstatic. Then they whisked her away to the nursery because she was premature and was having difficulty breathing. For several hours I knew nothing about my new daughter or how she was doing. I was so scared and just wanted to see her. Thankfully around midnight, twelve hours after her birth, they allowed me to finally get up and go see my beautiful baby girl. When I saw her for the first time since the doctor held her up, I instantly fell in love. Even though I had my daughter so young, I wouldn 't change a thing. She is the most amazing girl I 've ever met. However I would not recommend for any girl to have children so young. As rewarding as it can be, it 's also very difficult in so many ways. I was blessed to have such an amazing support system that a lot of other girls unfortunately don 't

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