Athina Personal Statement

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I met Athina as a postgraduate student of the Specialization Programme in School Psychology of the University of Athens. One of her first accomplishments was her outstanding performance in statistics at the entry written examinations. She demonstrated similar diligence in all her subsequent academic duties. This postgraduate programme consists of three parts. The completion of 18 semester courses, the supervised practical training (placements) of 800 hours total duration and a research thesis completion. Athina, performed with great competence in all courses achieving excellent grades. I had the pleasure to meet her as my student at the courses I teach, “Special topics of School Psychology” and “Psychology of persons with Deviant Behaviour” …show more content…
Education and administration of: Intelligence psychometric test: Raven Progressive Matrices (Couleur – Standar), Wisc-III, Du Paul Questionnaire for ADHD.
Case history taking.
Parent counselling for cases of children with learning disabilities.

3) (300 hours) 1st Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Primary School of Ilion.

During this period, she had active and close collaboration with school 's Educational Psychologist and other school personnel, to get through the daily schoolwork activities. Particularly:
Development of student 's emotional education activities (in the classroom, small groups, and 1:1).
Giving information and helping teachers.
Preparation of individualised teaching and therapeutic plans designed for each child unique needs.
Participating in the parental consultation (in individual, couple and group sessions).
Promoting school – community partnership, through open events, educational / cultural
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She showed dedication to her personal development in any aspect of her future accountabilities. My opinion about Athina, is that she is not only a loving and pleasant person but also a high motivated person with intense interest in psychology.Considering Clinical psychology training programme curriculum, as well as professionals Codes of Ethics, I recommend Athina to this Doctorate programme with no reservations. She, is a well-grounded person distinguished for her good character and maturity. During her studies, she demonstrated continuous interest in psychological issues and eager to acquire new knowledge. Additionally, her cooperation skills and intellectual abilities make her an exceptional candidate for a clinical and research career. Indisputably, her final grades reflect her overall abilities. Moreover she is a hard working person, research oriented, with excellent team working abilities. She has my full support in this application as I 'm sure that she will bring the same warmth and insight to all her future collaborators and finally that she will have a thriving career as a psychologist

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