My Memories From Native Americans Essay

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If I were to describe my life using one phrase, it’d probably end up being an oxymoron like “organized chaos” or “random order.” To the casual observer, my life appears to entail sporadic, eclectic passions that start out strong then fade away, replaced by a new hobby. However, behind this chaotic hodgepodge of obsessions lies a unifying theme: collecting information and expanding my mind. My constant thirst for learning has taken various forms throughout my life. The physical embodiment of this abstract trait is my closet.

My closet is my museum; my history. Artifacts from each era lay there, undisturbed, concealed by dust. On the top shelve, a box of tipis evokes one of my favorite and passionate eras: my 3rd grade obsession over Native Americans. After learning about the atrocities committed by European colonists to the natives, my family and I took a trip to a colonial museum. There, people were emulating various Native Americans and colonists. When I saw one of the “colonists”, the memories from the slaughter and killing came to mind. Furiously, I stormed towards the “colonist”, and screamed “WHY DID YOU AND THE OTHER COLONISTS KILL THE NATIVE AMERICANS! THEY WERE INNOCENT WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU!?” while clutching my Native American toy set. At the time, I was too young and oblivious to realize that she was merely an actor, but the event epitomizes my passion at the time. I’m still interested in Native American history, except I don’t yell at “pretend colonists”…

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