My Mask Is The False Face Analysis

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Everybody or character has six things in common when you look deep enough. A mask, a wound, a crutch, a true self, a achilles heel, and a shadow self. These make make up a the person and how they will react. For my character my mask is i’m shy when you first meet me. I need time to warm up to someone. I need to know if i’m safe to be myself. I don't want people to see who I really am until I can trust them. According to Laurie Hutzler, she believes “the character’s Mask is the false face (or false self) the character wears or projects in public”. Most people do this because they don’t want to get judged or made fun of. A mask can be different for anyone. Some examples are being the clone of the class, the quiet one in the corner, or the friendly …show more content…
It could be a childhood fear or a fear now. Maybe something that keeps you up at night because you are thinking too much about it. I was the typical little girl that was scared of everything. Spiders, snacks, the dark, scary movies, and so much more. The one that I still gets to me today is letting someone down. I will do anything for anyone if they ask. I like to be kind and help people out. This is also a down fall on me. I can not say no, I overload my schedule and get to busy. Then I overloaded or disorganized I get stressed out. People also use it against me, they will ask me to do something just because I can’t say no. My sister is someone who does it the most, I don't think she means to do it but i’m easy to use. I will just forgive her because I can’t be mad or mean to her. I don't want people to find this out because I don’t want to be used. Hutzler says “At the deepest root of all these fears is: How the character believes he or she is or might become unloved or unlovable. I am afraid if I let someone down or they are mad at me they will stop liking me. The crutch is that a person falls back on. Something that will help the person out in a hard time. This could be the strongest trait of the character. Hutzler believes “these are the traits the character leans on and uses as a crutch instead of making the Leap of Faith”. My strongest trait is my work ethic. School doesn't come easy to me and not care would be so much

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