My Life Without A Roof Essay

1900 Words Apr 27th, 2015 8 Pages
When I was young, I was always thinking what I wanted to be as an adult? What were my aspirations and dreams? My parents, my family and most of my friends give me hopes that one day they will all come true. So, what were all the questions that you had when you were younger? What is out there in the big world? When will I have any freedom? What do people see at me? How am I and what can I give to society? What places will I go in life? But wait, what if we don 't have any of these options? These opportunities were seriously taken away from the homeless youth. Imagine being viewed as less than human: you beg for food because you are hungry; you beg for water because you are thirsty; you beg for shelter simply because you don 't have one. Imagine life without a roof. "Each year, between 930,000 and 1.35 million homeless children are exposed to numerous risks that jeopardize their future wellbeing." (Kelly, 2007) Unfortunately, homelessness youth is also one of the most concerned growing crisis in the Las Vegas Valley, the state of Nevada, and the United States. This is going on all around us and most of us are unaware. There are so many unforgettable kids who say that they have no choice but leave home. But not for neither reason you might have imaged, they are not bad kids. None of them was actually kicked out for drug abuse. They should be worried about prom, homework or Friday football game. Instead, they are worrying about whether anyone loves them. They are not even sure…

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