My Life With My Mother Essay

1337 Words Mar 15th, 2016 6 Pages
This is a story about my life and it starts before I was even born, and it starts with my mother. My mom got pregnant at the age of 16 and she really struggled financially so we lived with my grandparents for a long time and I grew up with my aunts like they were my sisters. But before I was born my dad was very abusive to my mother and got caught up with a bad crowd. He started doing drugs and that 's when I believe he started being abusive but even though he was the way he was my mother tried her best to deal with his stupidity because she was young and in love and didn 't want me growing without a father. It came to the point that he hit my mom so hard that my heart stopped well I was in the whom and my mother rushed to the hospital with my grandmother and the doctor told my mom that he could not find a heartbeat. My mom held her stomach and started talking to me and of course she was completely heartbroken, but my mom told me that right before she was gonna say good bye my heart started beating and she continued to cry not that she was necessarily sad but she was so happy that I was still kicking. A few months went by and it was time for me to be born and my mom was so happy even though the pain she said was unbelievable she couldn 't wait to see me and hold me for the first time. After many hours I was finally born and my mom told me that I came out smiling at everyone and I was just the most precious little thing she had ever seen. So years go by with ups and downs…

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