My Life Of The World Brings You Happiness Essay

1837 Words Oct 26th, 2015 null Page
Some say that having all the money in the world brings you happiness, some say that that’s the devil controlling you, and some don’t really know. When I was a young I never really knew how blessed I was until it was all taken away. My family was a nice and kind family. We never really struggled trying to have the bills paid on time; food has been always on the table, and clothes on me and my autistic older brother. It was just my father, which was working day and night as a co-manager in Sizzler Grill. My mother stayed home cooking, cleaning, and raising my older brother and me. My father was always working, I barely remember him taking care of us, on his days off, he would lay on the couch and either watch movies or have his rock and roll music on loud. When he wasn’t lying around, he would take us out to have dinner and then he would drive to a toy store and tell us to pick anything we wanted. My mother would always disagree with my father about us getting toys when we didn’t sometimes deserve it. “I want to give my kids the whole world, like my parents didn’t,” he would say. It would not matter to my dad what we did, we could of gotten a bad grade or didn’t finish all the vegetable’s on our plate, he would always solve it by saying, “oh do you want a toy or do you want something else to eat like a burger or pizza?” Cleaning our room was never an option because my mother would always have the room cleaned before we would come home from school. So you can say that I was…

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