My Life Of A Hospital Essay

1422 Words Oct 27th, 2016 6 Pages
I am only seventeen I am not ready for this, why her I need her she is my best friend she supposed to tell me she loves me every morning before school, and watch me graduate high school, and move me in to my dorm, and so much more. I was not ready to lose my mom the one who would do anything for me, she has done everything she could to make sure we grow up and peruse our dreams. Despite all of that I am in a hospital, I got pulled out of school two hours ago and all I know now is that my mom is in a coma and she had a brain aneurysm and she is in surgery. There is a chance that tomorrow when I wake up my mom will not be there to me she loves me and tell me to do good in school and give me a kiss on the cheek. As time passes more and more of my family show up because my mom is in a bad condition and this may be the last time they see her breathing. Eventually the hospital staff moves us to a bigger room and somehow I manage to stay calm we all do. I have two brothers one named JD who is nineteen and the other is Marcos who is eleven and really should not be leaving without a mom he is too young that is not fair. All of his friends will not understand what he is going through, his teachers would not even understand he is too young for this pain. I also have two half-sisters how both have different moms but they are nothing less of a daughter to my mom she loves them as much as she loves me and my brothers. The worst part about it is that her dad, my grandpa is here and he…

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