My Life Is Like A Movie Plot Essay

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On a gloomy day on March 30th, I, Allison Oudomphanh, now sixteen years old,was born to two loving Laotian parents and a sister in the Modesto Memorial Hospital. My family and I currently live in Ceres, in a small home that barely fits our family, since my mother, recently, gave birth to a little one. I go to Ceres High School and enjoy learning new ideas every day; although I am not much of an early riser. Some people would characterize me as being shy, which is true. However, if I am comfortable around a person or people, like my family, I am quite loud and quirky. My life is like a movie plot. There are mournful scenes, exciting scenes, dull scenes, joyful scenes, and even some plot twists along the road, especially in the year 2014.
My parents were born in Laos, a small country in Asia. My father lived in Laos for twenty years. He moved to California to go to college, where he studied to become an engineer designer. My mother lived in Laos for fifteen years. She moved to the United States with her family in 1989. My father and mother both adjusted their names when they came to the United States, so their names would be easy to pronounce. My father, Victor, and my mother, Victoria; many people compliment the similar names. They did not know any English, so they struggled to fit in. They went to school and met some kind people, who shared the same experience as they did. My mother and father met when they were neighbors. They fell in love, got settled, had my sister and…

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