My Life Experience, Self Esteem Essay

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In my life experience, self-esteem is one the most interesting and fluid aspects of each and every person. Confidence (or lack thereof) is one of the first things I notice in an individual’s personality when I meet them. That may be because I do not have much confidence in myself, so I become extremely aware of the trait in others. As I become closer to people and spend more time with them, I usually have a exceptional sense of what their self-esteem is like. Unfortunately, I have noticed that some of my best friends have terrible self-esteem. They constantly belittled their achievements, their appearances, and their entire existence in general. They do not think they are skilled enough to take classes they want to take, try out for the sport teams that they wish to be a part of, or even go out with boys they like. All throughout my life, I’ve attempted to boost my friends’ morale and help them to see the beauty in themselves, so they can live happier. However, entering Quinnipiac University and taking the First Year Seminar course, my inquiry about self-esteem began to shift inward. Does my low confidence hold me back from achieving my goals in life as it does for my friends? Ultimately, I have always been interested in the self-esteem in others, but my time in college made me ponder about the effects of self-worth on someone’s life. In class we read an article titled, “Critical Inquiry: Considering the Context.” This article outlines the importance of context in the…

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