My Life At The Hospital Essay

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Growing up, my mother never participated in gym class or any other physical activities in school, even though she was in near perfect health and had no physical limitations. The school permanently excused her from all physical activity because my mother and her four siblings were all seen as a liability to the school district due to Von Willebrand disease. My oldest uncle was the star discus thrower for their school, until his junior year when he was retrieving his discus from the field and his teammate threw his discus prematurely. The discus hit my uncle in the mouth and knocked out all of his upper teeth, except for his molars. He developed a serious nosebleed in addition to profuse bleeding from his mouth. The bleeding did not stop for hours upon hours; at the school, in transport to the hospital, and even once he had arrived at the hospital. He would not stop bleeding no matter what was done. At the hospital it was determined that my uncle had Von Willebrand disease; the doctors then tested his parents and siblings, who were all younger than him, to determine if anyone else in the family was affected. It was discovered that his father and all of his siblings had Von Willebrand disease as well; further testing revealed that his paternal grandmother also had it. This incident made it that my mother, who is the youngest and is 12 years younger than him, was not allowed to participate in physical activities for fear of what could happen if she was ever hurt.
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